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2003-11-12 21:47:00

I think the people take less showers here then in most countries. They do not seem to mind living with the pigs. But is it a dirty country? I would say no far. But I only am in Goa. A piece of country set apart for English Travelers who want a beach vacation.

Cancun is similar. Has about as much to do with Mexico as New York City.

It is not close to being Mexico.


5 English people.

1 Dutch person

1 USA (Me)

This is not a balance mix of culture.


I have never asked, or really cared about the addictions of the world. Just a normal part of life and an issue or problem that all governments need to fight. But what I have become aware of more and more is the Heroin problems of Europe. The world focuses on the USA and forgets to look at Europe. Because there is about 3 or 4 heroin addicts on this beach in some stage of addiction there is talk about this subject.

I had a English guy in La Paz, Bolivia say that they wash it under the rug. But did not understand the statement. I would almost bet the average person in the USA does not know anyone that is or was addicted to Heroin. But almost anyone of the English tourist knows a lot. It also came to my attention in Barcelona because there were 3 ex-addicts that came to the apartment.


Took another bike ride to Chaudi today. Went in with the specific mission of trying to have some shorts made. This was almost a complete flop. There is so little choice in materials in Chaudi that it was hardly worth the time. I did order one pair and hope they turn out good. They will be out of 100 percent cotton and cost 120 Rupees. This is about 3 dollars USA. The tailors were constantly trying to steer me to a certain type of short. I had brought a pair for them to copy so that did not work. I believe I could have bought some off the shelf cheaper and had them alter them to be perfect. I will try this again in a bigger city. I want to have some special or custom travel pants made of lighter material. 100 Percent cotton and similar to my army travel pants. I will work ups a special custom design. They are a little easier to work with then the Thailand people because their English is better and they lie less. They still are very clever, but not in an outright lie like the Thailand people, but more in wanting to make the type of pants they already know how to make. But in the end there is not an adequate supply of different types materials here.



The sun is setting. Gabe the old hippie has a conch shell that he uses to blow a goodbye sound to the Sun as it sets. It is normally a red color at night and sets just over the one small island or where the land juts out into the sea. I came inside to clean up a little and to read before the night begins. Not much really happens on the beach other then a lot of talk and a lot of drinking, and smoking.

People decide where they are going to go eat. This is the first place I have been where the travelers seem to think like tourist. Trying to plan their dinner out. The line between travelers and tourist is ending. Everyone is tourist and the backpacker’s think and act like tourist. Most of the people in Goa came for the beach on Holiday and not to travel around. A lot of people from England that spend the winter season here. There is a migration or is suppose to be large migration from some area that is full of Marijuana fields in the north. So traveler will get cold and come south soon.

I have been thinking a lot about Gabe. He is a special person in many ways. He is a 65-year-old hippie that knows the history of travel or tourism in Goa. He was saying last night that when the pigs go, the tourists have taken over a beach and it is time to move down the coast farther.

The reason I have been thinking about him is that it would be good fun to film him telling his life story. I have this camcorder that I have been carrying for about 5 months now and have not used. It is difficult to know if he would like this or not. It would be a good documentary of Goa and how the drugs, travel, and people from Europe have invaded and in some ways taken over this part of India. The Indian people are more or less around for service. Very few ever talk with the tourist. The only conversations are with the boys that work as waiter when they are selling drinks, drugs or chatting up one of the girls. They are always trying to get some girl to listen to them. It is a little pitiful because the girl is in complete control and the guys are sort of helpless. But there are always women in all countries that come and want to talk with the local boys. This is probably more common then the boys talking to the girls. In India it is forbidden almost for a man to talk with an Indian girl, but the Indian boys are constantly talking with the foreign girls.

I will discuss this idea of filming his life story soon. He is so bloody honest about himself it is ridiculous. His self-esteem is totally intact. Most of the old hippies are walking basket cases of pent up rage, hostility and problem. A history they try to run away from or cover up. Not Gabe.

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