Importing or exporting things from the developing countries to the western countries would be a good way to fund my trip. If I could every put together a system that works.


I have been debating with myself over where to have backpacks made. I dwell on this a lot because it would help me to fund my trip if I had more products to sell on my pages. I now have 2 products. I am wanting to create a complete backpack system especially for travelers that do the 3-6 month tours of continents.

My choice for locations are:

1. Guatemala - Close to the USA and could be good for shipping.

2. Peru or Bolivia - I have a British friend that lives there and is where I presently make the 2 products I do sell.

3. India - I am here and asking questions.

4. Thailand - Cheap enough on labor, but the shipping seems high.

5. China - I know very little.

So there is…

1. Shipping.

2. Cost.

3. Honesty of the culture.

These are my variables that cause me to think.

Honesty in the end is the big problem. I was talking with this guy that lived in China last night. He said,

“The Chinese are good businessmen.”

This meant that they make a deal. They complete the transaction honestly and quickly. To me this is humorous because there is the stereotype that business people are only concerned about money. But to be a good business person you must be honest. A person that makes a lot of money must give a good product at a good price, consistently and cheaply. The buyers must trust the seller to perform this task. The better they are, the more they sell. So Bill Gates or General Motors maybe you are extremely honest.

I believe this is true. You cannot make a fortune without good relationships.


Below is a photo of Steven flying his three kites. He was in the internet café and downloaded the blog page and this photo onto his PDA or Handheld computer. It is amazing how they have advanced. He used this PDA inside the Internet Café by connecting to the USB port to have an internet connection.


A tout solicits, peddles, or persuades importunately.

That was from the dictionary and I am still vague on the meaning. This word is common in the lexicon of travelers in India and is used commonly. I believe that there is probably a section in the Lonely Planet Guidebook on how to deal or handle touts. Normally if I am seeing a pattern of behavior within the backpackers it is because the guidebooks are talking, and the travelers are repeating.

I suppose a tout is the annoying and persistent asking you of questions by the local venders. Here on this beach it is the taxi drivers that are annoying at the entrance. They continuously ask as you pass if you want a taxi or if they can assist. The Indian people are not afraid to talk to you to try to sell a service or product.

I was talking with a young American girl that had traveled quite a bit, and she was complaining. It appears that she has traveled most of the time in insulated situations like a tourist. This is the advantage of staying in hotels that cater to tourist. They get rid of the touts.