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2003-11-19 00:39:00

I will go and pick up my 7 pairs of pant that are in the process of having my secret pockets sown inside. It cost me about 25 cents USA per pocket to have them sown inside. I am probably being generous. I also took my backpack to them to have a zipper replaced. This will cost 1 dollar U.S.

The rest of the day will be devoted to getting sun and finishing my newsletter. Putting some final touches on it and hoping my grammar problems are minimized. I am lucky because of the time difference, I can send this at night and it gets to the USA in the morning and Europe in the afternoon. Not really important but I like to think that someone is out there working in a padded cubicl and an email comes in with pictures of the beach. Sort of a great way to let them dream and help them steal time from their capture.

I am building up steam. I will finally. I hope. I think. I maybe will make this 2 hour walk tomorrow to see the turtles nest.


I have learned about world history here in Goa. The trends and fashions of the 60s and 70s that shape opinions. Lots of older people around that were the real rebels of this time. They are quite interesting and humorous. Lots of 65 year old men smoking dope and drinking. Some have grown up and other have not. I always believe that most people change little after they end school. The just stand still in the time frame of the time they graduated and protect or adhere to the culture or their time in the sun.


I have caught myself defending that people are basically good and all the conspiracy theories and corruption is just crap. I admit that there is lots of corruption…

But I bet my life on the fact that people are good. I went to Iraq when nobody said is was safe. But I hung around with the 90 percent of the world. The good people and stay away from the trouble makers. I do not advise most people to do this because only if you can tell at 10 yards who is the 90 percent and who is the 10 percent without ever talking to the person. If your instinct cannot do this. Stay home.

I thought this was weird for myself. But I find that in the end I am very optimistic about people, just not sure I want to share lunch with the majority.