Ask Members Best Price for Plane Tickets?


2003-11-29 02:17:00

I have only taken a train from Bombay to Palolem. That was a financial disaster, so I really am still clueless. But my gut feeling is that it is a lot easier to travel then the other travelers indicate. They actually say it is easy, but I am wanting to wander around the country aimlessly and not have to worry. I think this is easy as long as I take my time and do not mind long bus rides. They normally go from tourist jump to tourist jump, and have very few side trips.

I am thinking of doing the get on the bus for 2-4 hour play in the morning and get off where I land method. I first did this good in the country of Colombia. A very good way to see an entire country inside and out without an overlay by the guidebook. 99 percent of the traveler are like the Thailand travelers. Always on the same route and listening only to the other travelers recommendation. I also listen, but have few travel techniques that change the trip from regular to cultural.


The place is full of people that came to a prayer festival. I now have a Footprints guidebook, but most of the cheap hotels were full. I did not go visit all of them but the lower end ones. I found a room and was tempted at 275 Rupees and decided it was not safe. I am presently in a room for 180 that has a toilet inside the room. This one has a huge hasp on the door and I can use my own lock. I have found that the more expensive the room, the more I need to trust the management. In the end I have a policy to never trust the manager ever with my valuables. This has kept me safe for 7 years.

But then I am in a room at least 90 percent of the time where I am able to use my own padlock. I never allow them to clean.

The bus was 15 rupees. I paid some guy that knew of a hotel 10 rupees. He took me to a full hotel and was in the end really worthless. I am finding I have to watch these Indian people constantly or they will become cling-ons and I get this look from them like,

“I walked with you so you owe me money.”

I do not pay them anything unless there is some value. The bike guy did take me by his motorbike a few blocks, and then pointed towards the hotel I am in now.

But I will have to watch them to keep them from walking with me. The can be quite belligerent, but then I can be the same back. I would think the passive people of the world would be paying all the time.

I will probably stay here until Tuesday. I want to see what a real India city looks like. So far India reminds me a lot of Mexico. India has all the same shenanigans, problems, corruptions, and just plain confusion.