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2003-11-12 03:41:00

I have a lot more time then places to go and things to do so I am a little frustrated. It is not that I have nothing to do or that it is boring. It is just now I have to look around. I also want to do some major updates or cleaning house on my webpage. The thing is so big now that to keep organized or even to look at the page takes hours. I have a lot of broken links in the earlier areas and I need to fix them.

Prioritizing or making my mission for each day is a job. I am in the elective phase of doing phase of activity. I can really make choices and are none of the choices that are pressing or just have to be done. So sometimes I just wander around and do nothing. This is good, but there is a need to feel productive. Not real productive, but nice to have a hobby or a small mission. I am thinking about some turtles up the beach. This would take a few days to photograph. They are pretty far away and not just a ½ hour walk. So I need to make an excursion of the day to just go and see.

Last night a couple came over and told about seeing a tiger and leopard. They went and bought a chicken to see if they could get it to return to their hut. They live north of here in a smaller beach called Uganda or something like that. It must be about 3 kilometers from here. That would be fun to take photos of a tiger. But they saw it at 3:00 am in the morning. The same is true for the turtle. Very early in the morning is when I could see them. This is tough when you have to walk 3 or 3 miles then sit around and hope. They could or maybe could show up.