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2003-11-10 03:04:00

Road a bike into Chaudi this morning and looked around again. It is the second trip to Chaudi by bike and a good way to get a little exercise. Nice small town with a lot of hustle and bustle. I was looking for a dentist, thinking that maybe I would get my teeth cleaned. I did not know the system and so anything goes here. I was not sure if I needed an appointment or just walk in. I found a place and all the equipment and the lady dentist seem perfect. They just took me in and started, not much discussion. I asked the price. It was 200 Rupees or about 5 dollars US.

She took a good look at my teeth before she told me the price. I am not sure what she was thinking. It was funny though half way through the cleaning she says,

“You no smoke.”

I said,

“No, I do not smoke.”

She said,

“All men smoke.”

I sort of laugh, and had trouble talking. She was cleaning my teeth. Plus she had on a mask, and spoke softly. It is difficult to understand any country when you cannot hear them. The Indian people are softly spoken people, and hard to understand for me. I cannot hear them half the time.

But she cleaned the teeth. Did not say anything about cavities. I think she expected a lot more work, but I do not smoke so she was lucky. I would recommend people get a cleaning on their teeth when in the cheaper countries. Not a lot of problem. Very safe and cheap to have your teeth cleaned. I am not sure if I would have a whole lot of dental work done. But you cannot get in much trouble having your teeth cleaned.


I am now in the new room. It is pleasant to think I can leave the room and not be in the middle of a mess. I suppose my old place was more like camping. This is the problem with camping. When you leave the tent you are a little wet, a little disorganized, and a little dirty. In a room you have space.

I have been working on a book this morning. I am probably going to write a book on… Why the world hates the USA? It is not just that and I am leaving out the main parts, but this is going to be fun and not too serious, but serious when needed.

A few of my friends have been banging at me, and even my mother took a jibe to say I should write a book. Mom wanted it about my trip to Iraq. But I cannot be bothered. It is just too boring the war in Iraq at the end of the day. There are too many unfortunate deaths in the effort to get rid of terrorist. I really think the more I think about it and try to understand is that this is just a war on terror. In the war on terror they live among us, and want to destroy the system, and the place where they live. It is like getting rid of themselves.

I read in my latest book about the inner city being a self-cleaning oven. That you just shut the door and they will clean out themselves. The author called this racist. I do not understand why? Iraq is sort of a self-cleaning oven. In Saudi Arabia they had another bomb yesterday. In Iraq they had a bomb on a Mosque. It is obvious that they will kill their own people as much as they will kill innocent. They really do not have a clear objective. To me it all them kids that did not get hugs that want to rebel against their parents or anyone in authority.