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2003-11-06 00:24:00

There is a man here that earns western wages and works here on his computer. I have lots of people talk or dream of working from another place. He is actually doing this feat. I met a Norwegian guy in Ranong, Thailand that did graphical work and sent back home. Making the full wages of his country and not the country that they was living inside.

There are lots of people that work in other countries. But the wage are paid within the country. There are lot of people that do about ½ their work in another country and go home an finish it. This man does all his work outside his home country and just stops home to visit. He has been living outside his country for the most of the last 20 year.

I will do an interview soon. Quite amazing.


Another day in Paradise!

I said this phrase the other day and a traveler started to tell me about why it was why Goa is not Paradise. I said,

“I was trying to make a happy generalization and I understand there is no such thing as paradise. Just some places are closer then other.”

I have found the world seems to get progressively more literal. Failing to understand the intentions of a person then the literal statements.

I speak Spanish very well. It would be almost impossible for me to speak this language if I need to understand at this high of level of literal sense.

I traveled in Brazil with this Argentina girl for about 2 months. The Brazilian people could understand her Spanish with a push better then my Spanish with a push. Plus she had a bigger vocabulary and could insert a few extra words, or change the words. (Synonyms ) And for this reason they could try and if they WANTED to understand they would understand me. It was more difficult for me.

Now she listened or understood in a more literal way. I could get the intention or meaning a lot faster then her when they responded or answered in Portuguese

So the would says something.

I would tell her in Spanish what they said,

She would answer in Spanish,

They would say another comment.

I would interpret and tell her what they said in Spanish.

She would answer in Spanish.

But all this is about trying to understand by their intentions. Sometimes a person is working too hard on words and misses the meaning of the sentence.

Good news:

1. Misogynist.........Women are no good

2. Feminist...........Men are no good

3. Environmentalist...People are no good

4. Cannibal...........People are good.

- From Chris