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2003-11-17 22:42:00

There is a few coffee clubs around Palolem beach. I try to stop outside my room to have a cup of coffee with Gabe about 7:30 in the morning. He give me a perspective on a history of the world from a English and Goa view from WW II until the present. What a free education for the price of a cup of coffee.

There are various coffee clubs here in Palolem mostly catering to two groups. One is the colony of British Expatriates of long-term standing here, and the other is for the Tourist that carry backpacks that need some Muesli and do not feel comfortable unless they get some western style service, talk and food. There is a German place that sells bread. So it is popular. Just like Al Pizza. Very popular with the colony. He is a Swiss guy with Dredds that make a pizza that looks more like quiche. Nothing new in this. Most pizza in other countries has too much pineapple and tuna and short on pepperoni and cheese.

I had some of my secret pockets made here so I can install in some of the new clothes I have purchase. They cost me about 50 cent USA here to have made and a lot of patience. I had 20 made and will walk over to the same place and take about 6 pairs of pant and shorts to have my clothes brought up to my level of proper travel condition. I am fully prepared to conquer a small planet, or will be soon. I am almost fully restocked of all the missing pieces in my backpack.

The only thing I can never get right for my backpack is a mirror. I have a very small mirror, but I am lucky to see my nose with it. Just too small for me to be vain. I have purchase larger mirrors but always end up breaking them.

I have been in a lot of expensive countries in the last 4 months and all my staple supplies of widgets and what-cha-ma-call-its are gone or need replaced. So India has been so far a good place to restock and fix, mend, and replace all the missing parts of my home. I live in a backpack. I think in a computer. When I go out my room I am in the world. Life is just too good. Thank you to all the good Gods of the world.

I was having a discussion this morning about the Islamic religion. It seems to be very close to a cult. I could talk about the similarities. I wonder if the world is brave enough to discuss whether a cult can really be a religion and whether a religion can really be a cult?