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2003-11-07 21:49:00

A Dutch girls last night talked about having a Mission. She says they have mission to go shopping, or to find certain types of clothing, or they will go on a mission tomorrow to find some turtles. I may adopt that mission soon. There is a place where the sea turtle lay eggs.

But I have a mission to find the best way to clean my body. There are soaps that kill bacteria, fungus, and germicides. I have been talking to the Pharmacist in Chaudi a small berg about 3 kilometers from the beach about how to clean. I still have the focus on the rash. It is 95 percent gone, but what I am on a mission for now is to learn how to super clean and make sure that I never catch one of these rashes again. A fungus, or eruption of this type can come from anywhere. I could be sitting in the sand, or swimming in a pool. A pharmacist in Quito, Ecuador said I got it from the water in the Amazon.

Hot water kills most problems in water. But in the tropics there is no hot water. So my clothes are washed in cold water. I shower in cold water.

So the ability to knock out or kill off all them little bacteria or fungus in the water is more difficult. They do have special soaps to assist in this. But the locals, the travelers, and very few people seem to care. I have started to notice on the beach a lot of people have a fungus on their body. It is hard to notice, or know why there are little splotches on the skin.

But my mission and ongoing mission is to find the proper chemicals or cleaning agents to clean. I did take an anti-fungus pill yesterday. Chris gave me the heads up that this existed. So I am cleaning my system.

I wrote a tip last year in Thailand about how to heat water and the need to wash clothes in hot water. Let me go look for the link. Found it….



Had enough of the toilet situation here. I have to walk in the sand, and over these small piece of volcanic rocks to the toilet. When I return to the room my feet are covered with sand. I have my bucket in front of my room and I dip my feet to clean so I do not track sand into my room.

There are various types of toilets in the world. But the squat type toilet here have 2 types mainly. There are ones that you flush with a bucket of water. There are one that you flush with a handle, or pull like a normal western toilet. I have the type in this place where you have to flush with bucket. This coupled with the normal person not using toilet paper and life just gets more and more complicated. But in reality the problem is that it get extremely dirty. I have found that I stay about 2 levels cleaner then the normal travelers. There are modern countries of the world that live like pigs.

My new room will have a western toilet. A pull flush and two showers. I have the bucket type shower presently and the new one will have a shower head. I actually like the bucket type of shower. It is slow, quiet, and invigorating. Dumping a bucket of cool water over you head in hot countries feels good. I will have a common toilet, but the walk to the toilet will be on concrete. Strangely the cost is only 25 rupees more. This is about 60 cents US. I will be paying 3 dollars US or about 2.70 Euros.


They talk about States in India. Like the USA talks or the world talks about states. They say I am going to this X state. So I am going to go in a couple of week to the next state south of here. There are 25 states in India. I want to go to the state of:

State: Karnataka

Beach: Gokarna

Trying to spells these correctly is a chore. Hope I am close. I post this up here on the blog to help me also remember. I am without a guidebook still. This place is predominantly Hindu and few tourist.


I have started to realize I am one of the few people around that does not smoke Hashish.

:the concentrated resin from the flowering tops of the female hemp plant (Cannabis sativa) that is smoked, chewed, or drunk for its intoxicating effect- called also charas; compare bhang, marijuana

- Encyclopedia Britannica

I suppose I do not pay attention to travelers smoking marijuana, hashish, or smoking cigarettes. It is just so common that why would I pay attention. Just normal. What hit me last night was the way they smoke hashish here.

When I have seen people smoke hashish in the USA it is with a small pipe. Now if you would pop out a small pipe here in India they would know instantly that you was smoking hashish. So a common way of disguising the hashish is smoke it inside a rolled cigarette or Marijuana. Since there is lots or it is normal for people in India to roll their own cigarettes this is not out of place.

Now I have been watching inadvertently people smoke hash for the last week. They open up their Rizlas or rolling papers and fill it with tobacco and they cut up small piece of hash and insert into the tobacco. Roll it up and smoke it. Nothing really strange about that. Now the somewhat strange part is that this is normal tobacco.


There was a click in my head last night. They are always using normal cigarette tobacco. This would gag about 50 percent of the people from the USA because only maybe 50 percent of the people smoke cigarettes. So to take a deep breath of a cigarette would make them sick.

But being that most of the travelers, or about 90 percent minimum smoke cigarettes here then this does not bother them. That is what hit me as extreme. To be able to smoke cigarettes and hash at the same time is a really full on, and overwhelming amount of smoke in a persons lungs. This is extreme.

I really cannot be bothered with listening or talking about drugs, alcohol or hashish or whatever they smoke or drink. It is part of life of travelers and very normal. It does separate me sometimes, but that is not important. The thing that separates me more is the British Male bonding or being mates and smoking. There are a few bars here where you will see only men. Once in awhile a few girls, but for the most part only men. They sit around drink, smoke cigarettes, smoke hash, and pontificate. The allow women and welcome women, but I think that most women would just consider this a little too much.

I am reasonably sure that British society is at least ½ again more sexist then the USA society or the Continental Europe. There is definitely a good ole boys club in Britain. Britain is a first level country and this aberration is interesting. Although the British girls act more like men then in most countries, or are more similar to men then other countries.

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