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2003-11-10 21:55:00

They are a few different groups of people in Palolem Beach. Most of the regulars to the beach are from England. But there are various types of returning season visitors that live on Palolem for up to 6 months and return to England or wherever to spend the rest of the year. I have discovered an older group them me, but friendly and little less on the drug crowd. All the groups are interesting in a way.

Had a funny conversation here, and there were negative comments made from some people on the “Football” types. There are some people in England that are tired of the fighting and hooligan type behavior of the fans of soccer. It is interesting. I am not able to detect the subtle differences between English travelers until after I meet them and realize they could be a jerk.

The American Traveler is easy for me, and I can instantly weigh them and categorize them. This is not always fair. But I do not care. My job or goal is being happy. The less time I spend with anyone that is trouble, the better. I am sure I classify some folks as problems incorrectly. But I cannot and do not care to be friends with all people. This philosophy makes my life great. Stay away from the crazies. It is impossible to avoid them completely, but the more aware of this goal the better my life.

It is still interesting to hear people talk how the Football crowd annoys them. I have found that Football or Soccer in England is like a God to them. They are even more fanatical then the sports fans in the USA.