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2003-11-21 07:28:00

I hate.. I really hate to be “Too Busy.”

I like to be a little bored.

The balance between being busy and bored is difficult. Better for me if I stay more on the bored side and less on the too busy side. To me a person that keeps too busy is avoiding themselves. NOT always, but sometimes. They need to be just as happy either way. I do find though that all the things in life pile up too high when I am too busy. But when I am bored I catch up. So catching up is a much better place to be… So I like to be a little bored.


I walked for a couple of hours this morning to see turtle nest. I cannot say I saw any turtles, but the walk was great fun. The government of India has a person protecting what are presently 6-netted areas. Below each area is a place where a turtle laid eggs. The date is on each sign of when they were laid. The man said they would hatch in 55 days.

I am going to write about it in the next newsletter. Something like… In Search of Turtles. It should be a great read.

I was also very lucky on leaving the turtles and walked by a still where they are making the local moonshine. It was a big one and I got to take photos of that also. Very good and I can explain with photos now the whole process.

I am worried about my computer friend that makes a living by computer here. He went to Bombay and said he would return in a week. I thought he was leaving the majority of his clothe and things, but I found out he took them all. He was to return in a week. This does not mean he is in harm, it does mean that he is a traveler like the rest of us, and just might not return to this beach. It would be bad luck. I really should have moved faster on the interview.

More and more Israel people are coming to the beach recently. This is very good for me, but probably irritates the Brits. They seem pretty prejudice and are always complaining. I do not understand why? I guess I do understand, but the reason is silly. The Israel people are loud like an American, Brazilian, Italian, or the Black people of the USA and few other cultures. Plus they are very confident people. They do not take crap from anyone. So this irritates the passive majority of people that are not so wrapped. To me they are delightful. They say hello, smile, and talk and laugh and are very inquisitive. Lots of fun and in the end to me just very friendly.

But they can be loud. But that is their culture. Like telling a French girl she should not give a person 2 or 3 kisses on the cheek when she meet you. This is their way and part of them.

But the bad part of all this is that the local also pick up on the prejudices. People complain more about them. It is funny how people can complain about Israel people being loud. I sort of think this is really a long term tradition of racism and a carry over from years and years of this in Europe. I get more irritated about the Brits who act pompous and better then others. This is much more annoying then the loud Israel people. But that is their culture also, and what can you do. Just deal with it. It will not change.

But I had a really great day today. I had lots of fun and lots of great photos and some good material for the newsletter.