It cost me 2 rupees, but I was worth it. This is interesting, look at the drum. Who knows more?


I am using the grammar checker more in my Microsoft Works word processor program and I am learning a little. I can tell my grammar is getting better. It for sure improve those typing errors that you think is bad spelling, but is me just typing the wrong key and making it spelled wrong. I am having fun with this, and have found that I tend to make sentences too short and not long enough. I have to constantly combine 2 sentence fragments to make a complete sentence. Now that I am doing that as I go, I have less sentence fragments. I will soon make a page to help me on grammar. That will give all you overly sensitive people a way to hit me.

I went and made a page of my questions on grammar. Might as well do it while I am thinking and get started.



I have never read in 7 years a lot of the Footprints guidebook, although I am sad to say. I got on the Lonely Planet track and was both lazy and by chance only using that guidebook. I do not like to by guidebooks retail. I like to trade, or buy used a guidebook. Therefore in I was very lucky to trade, and pay a little for this Footprints guidebook.

Footprints have Internet symbols on the map! This is excellent, and I am not sure what the present status of Lonely Planet is, but they should follow suit. There is a need to tell the traveler where the Internet is more then the telephone.

I have a page where I collect BOOKS that are guidebooks. I suppose I do have some online guides there also, but would call a portal more of an online guide. I have the links to Footprints on this page and hope it is working.



I was slightly awake this morning at about 5 am and I here this hollers or people noise. I adjusted my ears a little and connect the brain and realized it was I think prayer. I did not see them, but I heard what distinctly sounded like a lot of people praying. It could have been on the loudspeaker system like in Muslim southern part of Thailand, but I am not sure.

The about 6:45 the train whistle blow while I am here working on my newsletter. I am toward the back of the concrete hotel and the noises are slower, not dead or still, but definitely slower, plus I am on the second floor or 3 levels about the din and noise outside.


I was reading my Tom Clancy book, and decided to take my third walk of the day around Margao, India. It was about 9:30 at night and the regular stores were closing rapidly and only the restaurants and the bars were still open. There is a mix of food carts and men, a few women tattered and torn looking and a few more respectable sorts. I am in a very bad or ran down part of the city, close to the railroad tracks. Like and close to the railroad tracks place in any place in the world it is full of the lower rent tenants. Some of these sleep on the ground in or around the hotel. Quite a flop areas in many ways, as the people clutter the streets and area.

There is a constant sound of horns, motorcycle and chatter of the locals comparing notes and stories. A few are playing game of change with 3 cards, and there is a square board I believe is called Carom. It is a game where you point a little round what is like a checker and flick it with your finger. I may have the name of the game wrong, but there are also little nets in the corners. We played a very similar game when I was kid at Christmas, but our game had little poles in the center and a round slot in the middle that was the high points.

I learned today from a statue that the game of Chess was invented in India.

I am surprised in many ways, the streets of India here feel more dangerous then the streets of Baghdad. But the riff raft is at a much higher percentage. The UN should have them food for oil programs here where it is needed and not in Iraq.