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2003-10-05 12:19:00

At a topless beach life is comedy. I get there pretty early. The show starts. People start arriving. Today was a hot day and the sun gave your skin that warm tingle. I am sort of greased up with the baby oil. I am pro at getting tan, and am a brown boy now. But back to the babes. Ok. So I sit around and the beach is great place. It is always about 75 percent females on the beach. Which is too low for me. Should be higher. But what happens as the girls arrive is always humorous.

There is no changing room on or near the beach. So they will arrive fully dressed. They take a beach towel and wrap themselves in the towel. They then proceed to change their clothes under the towel. Now one of my favorite quotes is the question or statement.

¨Do you know what a womans greatest asset is?

.... A mans imagination.¨

So here is a wiggle and a shake, and other strange movements. Trying so hard to not look obvious that they are changing into a bikini. But here is the good part. They get the whole bikini on and then...

They lay down.

Take off their tops and I think.

All that work to put on the bikini and off it comes.

I sort of or really like the previews better then the actual show.

Note - The guys do the same show.

Truthfully folks. I like the normal beaches more. People talk more and are friendlier when they do not have to put on a show. I better rephrase that. I like a beach where they wear their tops. I think topless is probably normal in most of Europe, or with Europeans. It is just culture and customs nothing else.