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2003-10-06 05:48:00

I am just trying to walk to the beach. All day I have wanted to go to the beach. But first I need to do business. Some days are fun days and others äre what my friend Malcolm called ...

¨Business Days.¨

Today was a business day. A day you write off as being things you have to do. So I decided to get up early and go find the India Consulate. On this trip is where I met the first Saint.

I went to the Metro to start looking for the address of the India Consulate. I went through the turnstile, and ask the policeman for help. No police are not normally the best to ask questions. But he looked harmless and he was. He did not help but pointed me back towards the new stand. I had just used my metro card, so was poorer by maybe .80 cents USA for using it. So to return out the exit would forfeit the use of my card. He said he would let me back in for free so I took his advice and talked to the Newspaper sales stand guy. Now... Latinos in my stereotype mind are not too connected with directions or time. This man was the

¨Saint of Spanish Directions.¨

He showed me on a map. Help direct me, and would not stop until I understood. This was all in Spanish.

I will try to take a photo. Someone has to photo the Saints in the world.

The place was only maybe 10 blocks away. So I got to the Consulate and found they could do nothing for me very early in the day and had my business done. Now the day is very cloudy and threatens cold all the time. A cloud goes over and the temperature drops. So I have not made it to the beach.


I start working on this rash problem. I still want something to stop the abrasion on the inside of my legs. I stumble into a pharmacy. I ask the girl at the counter about bandages. I was thinking, maybe I can get a huge bandage to stop this rash. I talked and explained, and made jokes. She says the word for bandage. I said in Spanish.

¨IF I knew the word for bandage in Spanish. I would say the word.¨ ... hehehe

I then jump to the idea of an elastic bandage. I finally say to her,

¨Can I show it to you?¨

So I pull up the swim trunks pants leg and show her. She instantly leaves. I think. He just a little leg should not scare you. But she goes and gets the saint. The Big Pharmacist. The boss or something.

He come and looks. Says Hongos, or fungus. He ask me how I got it? I said, all in SPANISH.

¨I was on the Amazon River and something in the water.

It went away with a pharmacist in Ecuador.

I went to Basra, Iraq and the heat made it go crazy.

Now I walk so much in Europe it is still going crazy.¨

He ask me more and I said more, but I am tired of typing.

In the end he keeps asking about problems. I use words like Mancha. Which is Spanish for Marks or Stains, or the little spots I have on the side of my face. We discuss the pros and cons of travel and how it is impossible to find information in other countries. I tell him they have the medicine, they just do not have as much education.

But in the end. He give me the extra strength. Anti-Hongos stuff and I want some industrial grade cleaner for my skin. He gives me the rosada. Whatever that is...?

I go to pay.

He more or less says,

¨Get out of here. Go enjoy traveling.¨

I take a photo of him.

Life is good and then you get to use the industrial grade skin cleansers.

I shortened and edited this because I have a short attention span.