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2003-10-20 10:57:00


If you read my noise a lot or have paid attention then you know I sometimes mention the "Center of the Backpacker Universe." I stole this from Alex Garland and his book "The Beach," but nonetheless it is an accurate way to describe some locations of the world and I suppose the Universe. He said that Khao San Road is the Center. I adapt this phrase and add or say where the center is for backpackers in specific cities of the world. I will get clearer as my live gets clear, or maybe more confused. I am not sure which is correct?

This "Center" is the place where you should center your fun and home around. The closer to the center the better. Earls Court Subway or Underground Station is the center or still appears to be the center here in London.

But what is interesting is the Magazines in the area. Peter had already pointed out a magazine by the name of TNT Magazine and the website. It has an office that is located just one block from the internet cafe in which I am presently. I stopped there to day and am planning to sneak up on them tomorrow and get one of the drive by interviews and get the low down on what the magazine is, and why they cater to the backpacker? Besides money. Basically how they came to be?

It is an excellent magazine. Not the articles so much, but the advertisements are all Backpacker in nature. So right up my alley. I will see if they can send it to the USA as a subscription. It is Free here and comes out on Monday. One of few magazines that I could say is real helpful for the Budget Traveler. I am NOT talking about the articles. They are just extra although there is a lot funny stuff. The advertisements will steer you along the path of a Hobo Barefoot Traveler and with their help you may never be able to go home...! Here is a link.