Ask Members Best Price for Plane Tickets?


Freezing here in London for a Hobo that works part time as a beach bum. So today I hibernated and worked on my newsletter. Almost done, but still not done. I am in a dorm room now. The big problem is there is not a place where I can work that is not with other people. Therefore I avoid my computer. So I am slow... But who really thinks I work hard is under a misconception.

My Dorm room cost about 15 pounds or about 20 Dollars USA per day. I would not even think about getting a single room. I would go broke faster. I normally have a single room in cheap countries.

I have had a couple of people asking,

"Where is the newsletter?"

I am sometimes able to be real regular, and other times I am irregular.

It may have something to do with the free breakfast and Muslix. But more likely this is the problem of traveling in a rich country. The richer the country the more time I spend just working to spend time in that country. Rich countries are too busy and take up too much time just getting from place to place. Strangely. I would think it is the other way around. But I find that the lesser developed countries to be easier... Not a little. But a lot.

For example: I took a Subway to the Indian Embassy the other day.

In Thailand I took a taxi and was there very quickly. For 1/3 the price of the Subway or Underground.

I am not sure these rich countries really have any advantage? There is always a thought that there is lot of mice in a cage. They are on that wheel running and getting nowhere. But I am trying to do nothing. So I am doing well. Except today. Well... Life is good.

Small tip: Do not eat too much Muslix with Raisin before a big train or bus trip.. Plane etc.