Ask Members Best Price for Plane Tickets?


2003-10-23 05:01:00


I am back in the Kitchen typing on this computer. Lost my attention again. There are the women walking around in pajama bottoms and big sweatshirts. I am not complaining. I sometime think it is proof for the existence of God… hehehe

A cup of coffee. Girls in pajamas. The stereo is playing happy songs and the sun is shining in the window. Thanks


As you can probably tell. I like chips. I only have a couple of days left in England. No use holding back now.


I called the India Embassy. I am suppose to go India House between 2 and 5 and pick it up. So being organized and a sequential thinker. I decided it was time to reserve my ticket at the StaTravel Agency. It is a Student travel place, but sell very cheap airplane tickets to the normal public. So a good little traveler and ready to go. I go to the office. Franceso my normal agent is gone to central office. OK. I must buy the ticket today to leave as soon as possible. There was a woman that help me and had an attitude. it’s a cultural thing and she cannot help it. Permanent attitude.

Ok… I want to reserve the ticket. Pick up my Visa at 2:00. Return to the office and pay for it. Fair enough. Now they will not let me reserve the ticket because I am leaving too soon. Who knows?

But it looks like I will leave on Monday. 291 Pounds including tax. Not a good price. But the best I can find from London. I would have thought about 175 pounds. But that is life. It is winter here. I have need to leave.


Now, I could live my whole life in small town Indiana, USA and never learn about a Sultanas. They just do not eat that much Mueslix. Plus the bigger benefit of travel is each culture has specific behaviors. They will attempt to teach me to eat their food. At the way they do, and all sorts of other interesting culture. So there is always a train process going. The people around me are trying to teach me to act like them. They do not know it, but they do. I do it to them also. That is culture.


The day has a routine now. I have been in this location long enough and have adapted to the Hostel Dorm life. I get up around 7:00 and go down to the Kitchen to eat Muesli. Or maybe Muslix. Spelling, always a problem. Drink a cup of coffee.

But I did learn something interesting on the side of the bag of Muesli. A girl said something about the amount of Sultanas in the Muslix. I just was in Turkey three countries back and the world Sultan is every. But that is a type of leader. Or one of them guy with a Harem.

But there are raisins made from the deep purple or red grapes. But I learned that the Sultanas are the yellow raisins. So they call the grapes that are dried from purple grapes a raisin. When you dry a yellow grape for a raisin. It is called a Sultana.

SULTANA: a pale yellow seedless grape grown for raisins and wine b : the raisin of a sultana

- Encyclopedia Britannica