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2003-10-04 12:19:00

I am leaving on Wednesday for Bristol, England. What happens the last few day in a country or a city is that I start thinking more about the next place, then the place I am located. This make is difficult to enjoy the day. I start seeing the bad about a place more then the good. Harder to accept a place when you know you are going to leave.

Barcelona is centered around the street the ¨Ramblas¨and this is a total tourist street. Full of people and the things that tourist people do. This is interesting for awhile, but after a few years of living in tourist places, I find it is better away from the tourist. I must accept that I am both living traveling and a tourist at the same time, but for me if I miss something. So what. This is not a tourist mentality, they feel they must see everything.

I have been listening to the Swedish people say to me a phrase about Barcelona,

The say,

¨It is easier to buy hash here, then to buy food.¨

I have to admit there must be some truth to that. The food stores are always closed.

I think the European Union will break apart these small monopolies.

I used the blogger spell checker on this. I had to go through after and fix all the letters back to English letters. So much for that idea. This is a Spanish computer I am on. I was trying to improve my spelling.

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