Members Fly to Europe for $150 Dollars


2003-10-01 23:20:00

There is a super market down the street. It is open from 9-2 in the morning and is open from 5-8 at night. It is very difficult for me to remember to go. The USA custom of being open 24 hours a day has spoiled me. I always wonder how they make any money? But probably what happens is because there is not large areas of land available, plus nobody really has a car, plus the cost of land is so much, etc.

They can exist. In Beverly Hill they have a mall and a grocery store in a high rise building. The parking garage, mall, grocery idea seems perfect for this city and Paris. But strangely they do not have many 30 story building. There seems to be a 7 story limit or something. Maybe they do this to stop the view from becoming horrible. But then again it is so difficult to buy things that it is annoying. In the really cheap countries they work so hard to sell things, and the cost of transportation is so cheap, you can go to a market and take a taxi home. Here you would have to carry all on the Subway.

But they still have a SIESTA IN SPAIN

I was in Beligium and they did the same.