Andy -

You often write, "...from Indiana: 'Hello, how are you today?'".

Wonderful to hear that.

And rare nowadays.

Simple, basic, Midwest politeness.

I'm from Wisconsin: same.

I just returned from The Philippines.

Americans I passed turned heads away and stared at the walls.

In Taipei, Taiwan, airport - same.

None from Indiana, eh?!

Recently in Vancouver, British Columbia, walking through Stanley Park,

I made it a point to smile, say, "Hello", to many people I passed.

(Except women, of course.)

Most just stared at me.

Some looked shocked.

A few smiled back - I think gay men.

Wondering what is your experience with, "Hello, how are you today?"

You getting any better results?

I hope so.

Perhaps you will write in newsletter about Indiana politeness as you

travel the world.

- Dave W.

writing from Reno, Nevada, USA.



How are you?

A good hello will break down the hardest person eventually.

I was working on a couple of Grocery stores in Barcelona. I would walk in and say in Spanish,

"Hola, Como estas?"

More or less the same. They just looked at me for the first week. Not that quick to say hello in Barcelona. But on the last few days in Barcelona, the people said hello before me... GREAT.

I had a good friend from Fort Wayne, Indiana.


Say to me when I met him in real life.

"Life is Good"

And guess what. Life is good when you say to someone....

"Life is Good."


I just got a nasty email from someone complaining about my English.

I wonder to myself if people every think of the meaning of words.

HOBO... Does not mean. Good anything. More or bum type idea.

The person lost the plot. Spends more time thinking about grammar then communication.

Probably why they never learned manners.

I will think about the TIP idea. I have used the idea in ways before. Will try to explain about why the Indiana "Hello" is special. Helps me on a daily basis to be from rural Indiana.