PLATYPUS CALLING... Reader and friend.

German from Bogota writes:


I also stayed there a few ( many ) years ago....loved

that place but I payed ashor visit in april/2003 and

was very much shocked with the prices !!! Aren´t you ?

Good luck with the indian visa...back to Asia !!! When

is South America having the honour of your visit ?

Some guy tried to rip me off at Victoria Station 20

years ago. He say he was a lorry driver and offered me

a lift all over the UK, we went to a pub for a beer,

he said he didn´t have any money and ask me to lend

him 20 pounds,luckily I didn´t have that much with me

otherwise I would have done. At the hostel somebody

told me it was happening a lot.

Have fun , amigo, and keep conquering the world

is all yours !!!! Enjoy it !!!



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I think too much about Colombia and South America. But I will return. As for the cost in England. I have been listening to people complain about the cost of England for 7 years. No surprise. But Paris is still worse. But there are lots of jobs here. I have sat in the TV and people come in an ask if we want to work the next day. This is good. So I can always stop in London and pick up some work.

I hope you notice that I am still trying to send people to visit you German!

There are robbers everywhere. The bad part is people come here thinking it is safe. They are easy targets.

I now have the India Visa in my passport. 6 months multiple entry.