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2003-10-05 23:16:00

Almost forgot to tell you about my trip to the Picasso Museum. The price was right. 5 Euros to enter. If I had paid 10 I would not be a happy camper. The place was OK. I did not see any paintings that I would recognize as his from seeing in the past. Maybe they are all owned or in Paris. Who knows? I thought his paintings were depressing in the Barcelona museum. There was very little of this cube type painting that he is known for, but more of real type images, and less surreal. But in the end the streets around the museum were fun to visit. I was not able to take any photos of the inside of the building. They always say the flash hurts the paintings. I think it hurts the sales of photos on the way out.

There was a lot of export - import type stores on the streets around the museum. They had all sorts of India, China, North Africa. I am not really sure where they come from. But they are trying to import stuff from their home country to the country of Spain. They were selling stuff wholesale. Maybe?

There are lots of vendors selling things here that I have seen in the home country. For example I see lot of Ecuador bags and Indian type stuff. Good for Souvenirs but not much else. Maybe for hippie wearing, and the dreadhead, tattoo people. But great to sell in tourist areas. People get a souvenir of Barcelona, made in India or Ecuador. Very good for the economy of Ecuador.