Ask Members Best Price for Plane Tickets?


NOTE: The prices of airplane tickets may be cheaper out of Amsterdam or Belgium then England. I may have made a strategic mistake that will cost me money. The change to the Euro has really cause a lot of inflation or price gouging. It may take a year or two for the competition to beat down the prices again. Travel Agency in England is probably a great place or one of the best in the world to buy around the world tickets. is probably great for just tickets also. You do NOT have to be a student to buy ticket there.


I have to buy a plane ticket yet to India. I was targeting about 200-300 USA Dollars for this. So far… Best I can do in Bristol is 500 USA Dollars. This is terrible. So me an Pete are going to London. I can get the India Visa quickly there. Muck about as they say, and try to find a place where they sell really cheap tickets to India. I am having or trying to check on prices from Frankfurt, Germany to India. I can fly to Frankfurt for less then 50 USA dollars with If I could fly to from India for less then 300 Dollars from Germany. I could kill 2 birds with one stone. Knock off a piece of Germany and travel cheaper to India. You got to remember or try to empathize with a true traveler. (You do not have to, but advisable.) We do not like to get to the destination. The travel is the trip. The destination is where we pause.


Yuk, Yuk, Yuk!

I have been having fun. Have you read Beowulf or the made to accompany book Grendel? It accolades say or start out by saying in my Encyclopedia Britannica.

“heroic poem, the highest achievement of Old English literature and the earliest European vernacular epic.”

I had to read this for a couple of English Classes in college. I suppose I should say University. I went to Indiana University where I had a major in drinking and a minor in the study of Philosophy. Tried for a short and abusive time to study English and Psychology. Of course when I got out of “UNIE or maybe UNY” as they say in Europe I went into business to make money. Have to eat.

But this Beowulf books is excellent. Well… maybe. It is fun to talk about with the other students and the teacher.

This all started because of Peter. He is a provoker. He ask me,

“What do you want to look at in England?” He has to provoke. He really cannot just let me sit around and read, or look at movies. Chase girls and all that sort of thing. He has to provoke. He want me to be a tourist. This is always a problem. But I did think a little about England. He does not appear to like my wishes. I made the short list.


London Bridge… “London Bridge is falling down. Falling down…”

( He said something about them moving it to Texas.)

I stopped and went and researched. This is the fun part of this blog. It forces me to think. I like to research.


1. Old London Bridge. (Up for 622 years.. Gone)

2. New London Bridge. (140 year and sent to Arizona)

3. Modern. (The one on the river now.)

“Rennie's bridge survived less than 140 years. Between 1968 and 1971 its facing stone was dismantled and shipped across the Atlantic Ocean to the U.S. state of Arizona, where it was reerected on a five-span core of reinforced concrete to serve as a tourist attraction at the resort town of Lake Havasu City. The New London Bridge now crosses Lake Havasu behind Parker Dam, 155 miles (250 km) south of Hoover Dam on the Colorado River.”

- From My computer… Encyclopedia Britannica.

( Don’t leave home without it.)

Rest of short list.

Black Tea and His favorite or local pub.

( He knows nothing about these. Has not lived in England much really)

I would love to see the Queen. But fat chance of that. I mean I would love to sit around an have a chat with the Queen. I could care less about seeing an old lady. But to talk with her would be great. Maybe chat up a couple of Princesses would be better.

I suppose for me. I love to look at the buildings. But this is best when I just wander around in any city. It does not take much. I discover corners of the city long and forgotten. Lonely and sad, full of grandeur, hope, and life. Telling me a story of what they use to be in the days of Kings and Queens. And all that is free. I found a really good one yesterday. Of course I took photos. Digital because they are cheap.

The reason I said… “Yuk, Yuk, Yuk..” is because of the fun Beowulf gave me. She is instructive in nature and like to do that. Instruct. So she is sort of lecturing me about manner and woman. But I have to keep her honest and at bay sometimes. So what I do is bewilder her with a few complex questions. I do this to Peter also. He is in the like to make fun of Americans attitude way to much, so I have to let him know we are stupid. Neither of them knew anything about Beowulf so I had them feeling a little stupid. But they change the subject.

I threatened Peters mom or “Mum” as they say here. I said,

“You better be careful.. Or I will use big words and complex sentences to try to confuse you.”


I am in a steady conversation the last few day with my friend Peter to try and persuade him to have a travel blog. He is determined to say and believe that it takes a lot of time. I will admit that a webpage representation of a persons trip with photos could take hours a day, but my blog takes minutes a day. I hope your command of the English language would make you aware that I do not sit around and edit, think, or correct. I just write this and let her fly. But this is a purist or honesty thing for me. I would not consider it a “Log, Diary, or Journal” if I spent all my time correcting. That would be a webpage and made for money.

He ask me though? Why do you do the Blog? I say for travel money? Then he says, but then you spend all your time on it? I suppose he believes that I could make my diary of events better if I edit, spell, and choose the topics. But that seems a little ridiculous. How could you get to know me, and understand what I am feeling if I get choosey? I do overlook a little after I am finished. But generally I feel it dishonest to revise. Take away from the flavor. I am just having fun, and hope you have fun with me. I do wish I could write better. But there a editors and such for that. I am just happy to think good. Some people can write cogently, clearly, and accurately. But really have nothing to say.

I really do not think I have anything to say. But if you will pay for this. I will sell it. I suppose you do not pay anything. This is correct. But not in reality. I am giving this information and crap in the hope you donate to the cause and keep me traveling so I can continue to take photos and try my best to make you laugh.

I spend about 20 minutes a day on the blog.

I spend a lot of time walking around being a tourist. Taking photos and enjoying my life.

Peter like to muck about in Lonely Planet Thorntree and really this is where we met. I was already in Iraq and I posted that I was going into Iraq and was looking for help. He emailed me, and caught up with me. It is sort of fun. But extremely, extremely, extremely time consuming. I think he does it to meet people and chase girls.


I think or feel that lots of people want to get famous. I like to think you like to read my newsletter and blog. So maybe I do want to get famous. But I do not want the day to day walking around fame. There is a large voice of people that write in the hope that the Lonely Planet in some ways picks up the noise and publishes something they say, and they become famous. I have a lot of respect for the business acumen and the time it takes to publish, edit, and create the Lonely Planet “Guidebooks.” But… There is always a But..t

( I did that to get it by those computer filters)

The but is that I want to be me. I do not want to be Lonely Planet. I want to be I am not sure how much I give up before there is no me. Writing for anyone but me seem to destroy me. So sorry to say. I just try to write this sojourn for me.

Travel is selfish. I would love to share it would a young lady with an overload or brains. But I travel alone most of the time, and so it appears I have not met that woman. I must accept fate.