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2003-10-04 03:32:00

It is cloudy today in Barcelona so I decided to go look for some bike pants. What I am seaching for is a Tienda de Desportes. I also want deep sea fishing hooks for my backpack organizer. Number 11 hook. Large.

But off I went walking and asking. After about 2 hours of walking I found a small shoe or sports store for clothes and shoes. They had the pant. 42 Euros in my size.

Aaagh! Where is Walmart when need him? Hey Wally'

I have a rash on the inside of my leg from walkng and heat of Iraq. I purchased some special cream for what or who knows what types of funny things on the leg. It is working good. But the constant and constant and constant walking of Europe is not helping. I though to myself. I need to get rid of the rubbing. Biker have this problem all the time. So they have very ticket and slippery pants to solve the problem. So off I went. But this to me is 10 dollar solution and not a 40 dollars solution. So I do not know. Maybe I will use duct tape. (That is sort of a joke.)

The deep sea hooks are more difficult. I found some for .70 cents each down by the Beach.

But to send them home would be so expensive... Well. Life goes on, and life is a beach.

Hope the sun starts to shine or I will go crazy today on the metro.

Maybe I could sing in this little spot they have for Musica. They have musicians in the walkway at Passeig de Gracias and they collect coins. Some are pretty good. I am not good, so maybe they will pay me to stop. I used to do that in Mexico with the boys playing guitar on the bus. Pay them to stop.

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