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LIFE IS GOOD - Go figure a Hoboes life chaotic?

2003-10-03 23:04:00


Sort of my ad hoc motto, and my answer to all problems. I just say life is good and I am smiling again. I have been laughing to myself about a word used by the Forbes.com webpage writer... It was perfect.

¨a chaotic sprawl¨

The name Hobo as best I can remember does not mean someone that cares about looks. Just lets the world fly and takes a seat... hehehe. So ¨a chaotic sprawl¨is perfect. The blog is an afterthought and not really a first thought for my page. Keeping a diary of my events sort of interferes with my being able to make or have an event. Plus ¨Yo soy flojo¨ I say this in Spanish all the time. Which means ¨I am lazy.¨ Not really but in many ways yes, I like to enjoy the day, and not worrry about how I look or what I do. More on the spontaneous side of life. Planning seems to hinder enjoyment.

So there are choices in life for a traveler. Spend all my time working on my computer making a mystical and not real cyber world look pretty and dressed nice, or just do my best to slap up what really happened, and in the way it happens. This real time world of the internet is or should be chaotic.

What is really good is this writer lady.... Que Guapa! Christina does seem to understand the word ¨Vicarious.¨ She used that in the first page article. Funny. But life if a vicarious adventure. I read books and watch movies a lot. By the way. I am reading the book the ENGLISH PATIENT a second time. In a way an excellent travel book. The writer use a term saying he is an ¨International Bastard.¨ I am going to use the whole quote in tha quote section of my newsletter soon. This book is good, but pretty complex. I want to see the movie again. Book is probably better then the movie. hehehe.. Everyone always says that, but so what.

OK... So today back to the beach to try to be a Hobo Paparrazi and capture photos of Guapa Senoritas sin

... I do not know how to say the phrase well in Spanish. I will take some photos of beautiful topless girls on the beach to make a few of my friends happy.

Here is the link to Forbes.

Go Vote on Forbes.com

The quote by Christina. I would put her full name, but this slide show thing don´t work too good in the Internet cafe quality world I live inside. I cannot get the pop up to show, so I can copy and paste. Oh well. SNAFU


Although Andy's site is a chaotic sprawl and is occasionally unavailable, what makes it compelling is the places he's visited. As Andy explains on his site, "I wander around the planet. Take photos. Put them on pages. Write and live an adventure. If the guidebook says to not go, I go." When the war with Iraq broke out, he headed straight there, reporting from Baghdad and Tikrit. He's also traveled through Kurdistan and Turkey, and lists on his blog what has to be one of the very few "Iraqi Hotel Guides." Unfortunately, he provides little information about himself but his tales and destinations make interesting reads.


I just added, or am in the process of adding 5 categories to my homepage for travelers. The blog is not one of them. But I will think about it and see if I should make a category. But here are 5 travel blogs to read. Note that I have not read any of them, although I do know or recognized some patterns on where she found them. Reading a blog of someone else would cost more in an internet cafe then the cost of me living. I am doing very good on the 15 dollar budget in Spain. Paris was off the scale.




Have fun reading. I am put them up here so I could click easier and read.




Last but not least...

None of the above

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