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2003-10-21 03:11:00

I was reading Natashas Blog. She ate at KFC in India. Shameful. I am going to have to have long talk on what and what is not acceptable backpacker rules of behavior. Eating at KFC is for TOURIST. Hobos do not do this type of thing. And if they do. They LIE. Never admit weakness. That is a lesson in negotiations also.

LONDON has a McDonalds, KFC on every other corner. I am what I eat! So what are the British?

Lets "Wind em up!" as they say in England.

I suppose they are really a big fish and a plastic container or chips.

This is all possible to say because I am in Oz and Kiwi land. Also called the Earls Court area of London and on safe ground. I have not seen a true Brit for a few days.