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2003-10-05 08:01:00

Trying to get it clear in my mind about Barcelona. I have decided that this time of the year, it is the best place in the world to come and meet Swedish people. I have only met 3 people from Barcelona, but I have met tons of people from Sweden, Ecuador, and Peru. A couple from Holland. Oh yea, one girl from Colombia. I just have not met many people from Spain here. The 3 people I do know from Spain are... 1 the woman that is the owner of the Apartment I live in, and her 2 friends. I suppose the guy at the food store is sort of my friend. He does now say hello. It is not a Hola Amigo city.

It is an International City. I have decided that some cities have nothing or very little to do with the culture of the country. New York, Rio de Janeiro, Chicago, Miami, Barcelona, Paris. They are really about looking at churches and buildings, and partying. Also a great place to meet women or men from other countries, or I suppose for some to test out the local drugs. But this is definitely an International Tourist City. It is owned lock, stock and barrel by the tourist. Cancun is like that, there is almost nothing about Cancun that is Mexican. Oh well, I do like Swedish girls on the beach, so I am not complaining.

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