Ask Members Best Price for Plane Tickets?


Bad news on Visa. They say it will take from 2-7 days. I will apply tomorrow Monday. I was going to do this first thing when I arrived in England and the cost of transportation has made me procrastinate. It is a necessity now that I park it in London proper to get this sorted out or sussed out as they say. I was ready to buy the plane ticket and I called the Indian embassy for clarification and was lucky. I just opted to be conservative on the Visa and call before booking the ticket. But the good part about this delay is I can really learn about the center of England for the next trip here. On that trip I will say a month. Most likely in one year on the next revolution around the planet. I have basically decided to keep circling the planet by always going east. I believe this is the cheapest direction to travel.

- The Brits can get the India Visa almost or the same day.

- Others seem to have to wait a week. I have not applied yet, so that may change.

- There is an extra 15 pounds to pay because I am from the USA. Now that is a good way to encourage tourism