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2003-10-04 23:34:00

I am going to meet up with a friend that I met over the internet in India.

She wrote:

- tho. I finally got my passport in the mail today, so no more worrying about that, and Indian visa is easy to get and I'll do that Monday.the majority of my anxiety stems from the fact that my flight arrives in

Bangalore at 10.30 at night, and i fret a little about exchanging money that late, getting a taxi and getting to a safe place so late at night.


MONEY - Use and ATM card or bank card. The money should come out in whatever currency they have. This has worked in all the countries I have visited, except Iraq. I had trouble a few years ago in Nicaragua. It would only take the Plus system and I had the Cirrus. I now have both. But there are many systems. The debit or credit card is not really just Visa as best I understand or Mastercard. I has a little symbol on the back that says the type of card. I have 2 Visa cards now. One is Plus and other Cirrus. If one system is down I can use the other and still get money.

I almost never exchange money. I get the money from the bank machine. It seems to always be a good rate. I do carry about 200 Dollars USA. I have not carried a traveler check in 6 years. I can not think of any reason to carry one. I suppose if I was buying plane tickets every week. I would. Because it is hard to get more then 300 dollars a day out of the machines. I have to pay attention to the local and my home bank maximum. I never use a credit card in another country. But if I did, it would be for a plane ticket, and hopefully only at the airport. Using a credit card is dangerous to me, in any country other then your home country. I paid for my easyjet.com card with a debit card. There is a limit on the card. Unlimited credit cards can cause problems. A debit card does the same, but I have to transfer money into it. Safer.

VISA - I do not have a Visa for India. I do not have a guidebook. I think I can snag a guidebook cheap inside of India, so I am waiting to buy a Lonely Planet, Footprints, or Roughguide, or whatever is the current best flavor there. I am hoping that I can get a visa or the permission. A Visa or Tourist card for those of you wondering is the permission given by the country to enter. It changes for each country and for the country you are from. There is no set answer. It is necessary to know from what a country a person is, and to what country they are going. The only thing I can say is they normally have a way to quickly enter because most countries want you to enter. Especially the poorer countries.

Peter is an expert on lots of countries. I will pick his brain on a lot of countries when I am in Bristol soon.

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