Sorry about that Shakira photo. I just couldn't help it - I was laughing so loud.

I wonder if she stores that Venus Flytrap in her carport or something. I also enjoyed

your hobotraveler street sign hack. That was funny.

Anyway ... cheers!

- Chris


For you long term readers of the newsletter you will understand. I sort have this thing for Shakira. I on a regular basis more or less.. Mas o Menos - Demasiado

Think or talk about Shakira.

Shakira you are still invited to travel with me.

I am sorry to any women that this may inconvenience.

But us boys understand.

Please make a Hobo happy Shakira. Write hoboontheroad AT

I will leave this cold country of England in 2 days and go to the Beach or Goa.

Bring your swim suit.

LIFE IS GOOD ! and some of my readers are probably too SERIOUS.

Just wait people. One day she will come and then you will really laugh.

You only get from life what you ask for, and nothing more.


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