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2003-10-21 02:51:00

I can see my breath. Like a bite on the cheek, winter is here in London, England. I know someone said the word,


Time to migrate to the Beach for winter. Life is good here and I am learning how to speak Ozzie and Kiwi. So that is good, but still it is time to leave soon.

I finally figured out the London map. That means I am one step closer to being a tourist and one step away from being a tramp. If I got a job here. Like everyone else from Oz and Kiwi Land I would be a good Hobo. There is a job on every corner here. With or without paying taxes. This is fall so that may not be true in the Summer. Hoboes everywhere. Tramps travel and won't work. Hoboes travel and work. Bums do neither. I am having a great time. TV. Kiwi and Ozzie Women. Full on food and lots of history. This place is huge though. The internet is cheap. The subway cost an arm. The room is a leg and an arm. I will leave soon before I have to sell other important parts.

But a good place for a Hobo of any country to get a temporary job and replenish the backpack.