I used to work in Real Estate and maybe that makes me more aware of homes, and construction, but one of the things I miss the most when traveling is quiet. It is never quiet in places I visit. Most of the world lives in a concrete type structure. In Belgium, Switzerland, Paris, and now in Spain I have lived in a room with concrete type walls. Although Southeast Asia had bungalows made of wood materials, bamboo, other types of softer material they were paper thin. You could hear anything.

Central and South America are completely concrete type contstruction. Sometime the grass hut thing and you can hear everything.

In a concrete home you can hear anything. I am presently awake at 6 in the morning. I am trying to be very careful on how fast, or how loud I type. The owner of the apartments computer keyboard clatters when I type. Everyone in the apartment has commented on the clatter of the keys.

The bedrooms all have the hollow core type bedroom doors, and the place is small. Big in comparison to France. My friends in France did not have any bedrooms. And that seem normal for her district. Just an efficiency apartment. A big room with a bed and kitchen facility.

This apartment has 3 separate rooms and the owner a lady rents out the 2 extra rooms. Pretty nice. She gets about 700 dollars US extra a month for the 2 rooms. Like living in a nice Hostel in South America. Most Hostel in Europe do not have a Kitchen to share, so I cannot say they are the same. I believe a Kitchen to share should be part of the HOME type attitude that is suppose to have initiated the Hostel idea. A home away from home. This apartment is normal in this area of the city.

But why do the people not sound insulate their homes. This concrete stuff is noisy. The owner just got up and gave me a dirty look.... F"$·$$ her. She does not work and sleeps till noon. Stays up half the night. I would have to wait until noon to start typing. I am paying 300 Euros a month. This is good for me, and I am happy with the deal. But if I stayed around I could get a room for 200 in a better or closer area to the beach. So the money part is not that good.

I am leaving 10 days early and not getting, and have not asked for any type of discount. That is fair that I lose my 100 dollars. But in some ways I have never been able to really find the word for refund in Spanish. I do not think it exist. Like the verb to own. It does not exist. You can say you are the owner. The Dueno, but you cannot say really easily. I own this X.

The apartment includes free internet use, and this seems a common deal with rooms here. But in the fine print I found I have to use it only before 8 in the morning and after 6 at night. Marijana the girl that moved out has free internet 24 hours a day. The free internet saves me about 3 dollars a day. So I am really paying 7 dollars a day for rent in Barcelona. This is excellent for Europe. This renting a room is good.

But I go to England and stay for free with Peter. Even better and the conversation is a lot better. But Peter is very educated.

I am using the Spell Checker from It is working good now providing I do not have any quotation marks. The turn into some A with funny look from Spanish I guess.