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2003-10-04 00:54:00

Peter wrote me to help me arrange my next hop to Bristol, England.

This guy has done about 100 plus countries. Only a true traveler could empathis with real problems of life.

Laundry and Senoritas.

HE WROTE... Plus more, but I edited..?

See you then dude. My Mother is leaving today and going to Spain for a week. The house will be empty. So, just make sure you bring a couple of senoritas with you and don't forget your laundry!!!

I may as well plan something to do on Thursay and Friday. Bath is close by, as is Stonehenge. Plus other stuff. Are you into visiting things like that?? Is there anything that appeals to you?


I want to learn about Black or English Tea and which pub he claims as his home pub.

Hmmm explain that phrase again?

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