3-5:30 Open - Go figure on Consulates

Went to the India Consulate in Barcelona.

Hours are 3-5:30. I was there in the morning. I went inside anyway. They was nice can told me that I needed to go Madrid, because I was from a foreign country. Like I say, I really have no idea what a consulate does, and I am positive they do not work too hard in any country. This is the sign about the beeper that opens the gate. The gate was open so I went inside. Embassies and consulates are not the place to be timid. They can give you the run around faster then anyone. I can be outrageously obnoxious at an USA embassy. The one in Thailand went to lunch at 10:30... I say some thing about that being a bunch of F·$" Sh"· and they opened it and gave me more pages. But I am probably one of the few REAL American citizens that every enters.