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What is Chiraq of France up to?

2003-09-23 10:56:00

I am sitting here in Barcelona, Spain relaxing and wondering what the world is doing. I was having a discussion with a Swedish girl about France and she said that he was trying to be the spokesperson for the European Union on his comments to the UN. That he is positioning himself or France to have the big power in the EU. So he needs to assert his power.

I think he has cooked his goose. He has successfully taken France into a position of BLAH BLAH BLAH.

France will soon have to give power to the EU and they will become just a small country as they

really are, and the rest of the world can attain their real positions. 80 Million plus people in France and

talking only from the perspective of white French people does not give him the right to speak

for anything. I see this as a class system war, and he wants to retain a position as King in the world.

Those days are gone.