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2003-09-21 22:49:00

I think now about the weather daily. There is nothing worse then being in a place for a month and having terrible weather. Europe is hard for me to judge. When I looked at the construction methods and home in France it looked like they have very warm winters. But they in many ways appear to approach heat like a underdeveloped nation. Just because a country appears modern mentally, does not mean they are really modern. The heating systems in homes or apartments would have me freezing in Paris... IF the winter is the same as Indiana. They are almost exactly the same distance above the equator as Indiana. But there are factors like wind, oceans, and mountains that also change this. Plus the altitude.

I have learned how to live reasonably in Europe and there is a temptation to stay two or three months here in the warmer countries. Then go to India for the winter. So I do lots of research and thought on the weather and where would be nice to travel and stay for a month. For sure Portugal is on the list.