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2003-09-08 23:54:00

I find that I am thinking too much. I spend too much time

worrying or wondering if I am making good decision. I am not sure

if I want to go to India. I want to go to France. I want to travel

the world, but I do not enjoy angry people. I do believe that it

is my resposibility to try to listen and learn why they are angry.

I know now. I am different and they do not like anyone different.

I think a lot about Guatemaula.


I woke up this morning to the sound of the Islamic prayer.

The first time I heard this was in the early hours of Tropical

southern Thailand. It was a peaceful and wonderful sound.

I am afraid when I hear this sound.

There are loud speaker systems everywhere in Turkey that makes

this sound heard and cannot be avoided. I hear it 3-6 times daily.

It is a call to prayer.

It tells the locals to what group they belong and

is a reminder to remember the warning.

"You belong to this group and do not forget."

I have learned to fear this sound.

I was a typical USA person not even knowing anything

about the Islamic people.

Now I am different. I am afraid.

Why did I learn to be afraid of this sound?

I have learned that I should not spend more then 2-3 months

in any culture. The longer I am there the more I will be told

that I am different and should leave.

I wanted to go to Israel on this trip. I like the Israel girls

I meet when I travel and consider them strong and powerful. Full

of pride and a wonderful confidence. Independent and open, not

afraid of the world.

I like people that are brave. I think I am brave. I am not always

sure, and some days worry about places I go and people I meet.

I like the chidren and the old people of the world. They do not want

a fight and live in peace. Sadly it always appears that the people of

the world between 20 and 50 years old are looking for a fight.

I do not want to go to Israel right now. Mainly because to go there

would be so expensive and I do not have the money. I can best travel in

countries like India where it is extremely cheap. Plus I am tired of thinking

about their problems. I am tired of hearing about the poor Arabic people

that are rich with oil and how they have such a bad life. I just do not

care to listen now. I will come back again and listen. I am afraid also

of a belief I have and feel. I think or suicide bombers or the people that

did the September 11th. I want to hunt them down and kill them.

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