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2003-09-24 23:18:00

I have found that I have been thinking too much. This is not a problem for about 80 percent of the world where I normally travel. In the developing countries. They like to take it easy and relax. I like this.

But I find sometime I revert to my Western World mentality that tells me that I am not OK if I do not work all the time. This drives me crazy. Then I start to spend all my time prioritizing in my head on all the things I need to accomplish. Like a Hobo is suppose to do something. That is the idea. Do nothing is the goal of a Hobo. But the world give a lot of social pressure and I can not always avoid it. Europe is just like the USA in this manner, and all the people here work too much. So I need to hide sometime. The beach is good for this, but I am still surrounded by people that have to be doing something.

Even the beach is invaded. With that little stupid cellular or mobile telephone. I go to the beach there are topless women talking on the telephone. I could see this if they was doing business, but the whole world not seems to have a surgically inserted telephone on their ear. In Thailand, where it is worse I tried to take photos of 4-7 people in one spot talking on the telephone.

It makes it hard to talk to people. I can walk up to a person and they get a phone call. The call is more important then the person that does all the work to visit them in person. I need to call them and forget to visit. But for me. I have choice. i can buy this or not buy this idea. But for me the idea of technology is to work less. This the goal of my webpage. To work less. Maybe not at all!

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