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Scott my Extreme Traveler Writes

2003-09-09 23:58:00

- Scott is referenced in my Newsletter weekly.

He has almost completed an around the world bike trip.

(Note: I am looking for my next extreme traveler to follow!

Send recommendations to hoboontheroad DELETETHISAT yahoo.com. Thank You.

HI Andy,

I think you have made your decision already. WHat happened to that book

you are writing?

I am in AUstralia. Wow. Imagine bicycling 100 kilometers and not seeing

anyone (if you don't count the shadows in a couple of passing trucks.

The news here makes it look like every Iraqi hates Americans.

good luck,



Money, Books, and Travel.

Which comes first? I am alwasy just wanting to travel.

If I have enough money. I travel.

I am working am working on a book and will slow down my travels

in India to try to kick out the book. Better to write in cheap place then in the expensive countries.

I have to travel 5 time faster in Iraq and Turkey then is normal for me.

But I will be very gratefull to slow back down to my Latino time.

I am 100 percent sure the Iraqi people are glad Saddam is gone.

They all want to go to America.

But the proof was in their smiles.

But maybe the proof the world can understand is that I traveled freely without a gun

or bodyguard from top to bottom. Baghdad to Basra for 34 days. I am alive and happy.

Cannot really complain about Iraq people. They are great. They like America better then Turkey

people and all of Europe. Here is the map of all the locations I visited.

Map of Andys HoboTraveler.com Iraq Trip

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