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2003-09-27 12:14:00

Slow day in Barcelona, Spain. It has been raining all day. I have been working to update the archives of my newsletters. I am going rearrange them so they can be read by subject. Like planning, or safety or whatever. Lots of work. The link for newsletter above goes to archives.

I found a friend Heidi from Norway that is living in the South. She wrote me today. She is definiteley hopping around the world. I met up with her in Thailand also. I met her in South America. She is nice and I will probably try to go south to meet up again.

I would love to go to the running of the bulls, but I believe this is in July. Pamploma, Spain

I tracked down a map to the Picasso Museum here. That is my short list of things to see. I explored the port trying to find a bulletin board to post a ¨Ride Wanted¨sign. Thought maybe I could hitch a ride to Israel by water. That would be fun. But did not find a place for posting message.

All is good.