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2003-09-27 20:55:00

This is before I go to the Picasso Museum in Barcelona, Spain. I can then write the after...

As is my normal behavior, I read in my computer encyclopedia all about Pablo Picasso the artist. This factual information give me the proper perspective and ability to understand what I will soon see at the Picasso Museum. I have been able to locate the museum location and will venture out this week hopefully to see and explore. I am hoping they do not want my whole estate in exchange for entrance to the museum.

I did however learn that probably Picasso is now more part of Paris and not part of Barcelona in my reading. It appears there is a museum in Paris, that probably is bigger or better.

Pablo, Picasso

born October 25, 1881, Málaga, Spain

died April 8, 1973, Mougins, France

Picasso moved back and forth between Barcelona and Paris. Málaga, Spain where Picasso was born is in the south of Spain and close to Morocco. There is probably 3 distinct culture he lived inside of for most of his life. Southern Spain and his families culture that is the more traditional Spain. Barcelona, Spain which is really a separate country or culture of Catalonia. Very frustrating to me that they are able to group or ungroup themselves so easily. Better to look at areas of countries as tribes and not as countries. Make life easier.

But in the end he spent most of his time in Paris working on projects.

I like art and used to purchase art prints in college. I like Andrew Wyeth but this is by accident and just because I was able to buy lots of prints cheaply at the Indiana University Union yearly print sale. But I cannot say I really like art, this is not totally true. I consider it very taxing on my energy to listen to people talk about art. To me there is art I like, and there is the 2nd part of trying to learn about the artist. Most of the artist are characters and interesting studies of humanity. Mostly on the crazy to appear fashionable level, but you do occasionally encounter an artist that is truly crazy. This is enjoyable to see how crazy manifest itself in art.

Picasso is not my type of art and I only get this obnoxious feeling when looking at his art. Like what are you trying to say, and why do you have to hit me side the head with it to say it. But that is ok. Art is for the beholder and person that buy it to enjoy, and they can do as they wish.

But to me there will be some voyeuristic enjoyment in checking out the museum and seeing if possible one of the old neighborhoods in which he lived. There is a couple references in my Encylopedia Britannica about where he hung out, or behaved his work.

1. Picasso fell ill in the spring of 1898 and spent most of the remaining year convalescing in the Catalan village of Horta de Ebro

2. The Demoiselles, however, named by Picasso's friend Max Jacob (to refer to Avignon Street in Barcelona, where sailors found popular brothels), was perceived as a shocking and direct assault: these women were not conventional images of beauty but prostitutes who challenged the very tradition from which they were born.

So there are a couple of places to try to locate and understand why this man is considered an artistic genius or something like that. It will be a good escape from the beach life and I am getting very brown, and do not have enough English books to read, so the beach is getting a little boring. Although the real life art on the beach is better to me then whatever Picasso could offer. I will try to locate these areas of Barcelona or Catalan and see if I can go and walk around the neighborhoods.

There is always a contextual value to seeing where a person lived. The building of Barcelona in the time of Pablo is in the early 1900’s so there was probably very little real good plumbing and people probably live more outside the apartments and less on the inside. I do not think Air Conditioning was prevalent, and in reality I do not see much right now. This is curious because there are some Palm trees, but this is very far north. I think they transplanted them on the beach, but it is still obviously a lot warmer then Indiana although on the map it is almost exactly the same distance above the equator as Indiana. Istanbul is the same distance also. There is a something about winds and water that changes the climate drastically. If not then it will start to get pretty cold here soon. And if they get snow here like Indiana this place will be miserable. They just do not construct these building in a way to deal with the cold. The heat is maybe ok because the building are all concrete. The typical world construction. Brick walls covered with a splattered on concrete. The concrete construction here is a little more modern in how they created the building.

I am sitting in the living room area of the apartment. I have a room next to the owner and being that this is all concrete construction. Even the smallest of noise can be heard easily. The doors are hollow core doors and do not stop anything. No carpet and the sounds vibrate the house and bounce into your ears. I am always wondering why the world does not deal with noise pollution better. They can live in luxurious conditions, but totally ignore the sounds around them, or try to mask them with more sounds like loud music. In the end not very relaxing for me. But I am not normal.

Strange coincidences… Pablo has the same birthday as me. I just got an email from a friend that live close to Málaga, Spain where he was born. So I will probably follow the path that direction. Just wanted to point out when there is ironic coincidence in life. Sort of makes you think someone is watching.

The owner just blew her nose so loud I think the concrete wall raddled. Bodily functions and such is a good reason to stay home, but also a great reason to live in 5 star hotels. Funny is when you finally get to the really -1 star places out in the middle of nowhere is when you do not have to deal with this type of problem. You are isolated and in natural settings. So on the 5 star and the lowest of levels… mostly where I live there is almost the same level of avoidance of people and people noises. But sharing a space is always better then sharing it with only yourself. Do not worry about her reading this. I am surrounded by individuals here that stay up all night, and sleep all day. These are not normally the reader types. I am counting on my instincts to protect me…. Hehehe. I have found that people that know I do this blog get a little paranoid or have a desire to be famous. One of the two. Neither is really a problem, and nobody will get famous in a good or bad way. So relax.