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2003-09-23 19:48:00

As my page becomes more popular around the world it become less and less stable. That means that it is more difficult to keep the page up and running properly. An internet page is the same as your computer. In reality you are opening a file on a computer, but a file on my server. So you go from your computer to my server and open a file to look at and view. I publish lots of photos and these take a long time to view on the computer. So as the number of people grows that views my photos it become increasing more difficult for the server to SERVE the photos. Lot of people go to small websites of hotels and look at photos or such saying how fast or efficient the page were. This is nice. The average hotel city hotel or tourist type hotel probably has between 10 and 100 people per day visiting the site. My site is not between 800 and 1200 per day. And it is really easier to get them to go to a city in the world or a hotel then my site. I am competing with all the travel sites in the world, and the hotel is only competing with the travel sites in that city.

BUT... If my page is down. It will go back up. The support staff at my hosting company or server will reboot or fix, or change the tires as needed. Sorry for the problems. They are growing pains.