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2003-09-17 01:38:00

I took an excellent photos the other morning of the Seine River and an unknown building.

It is on the front of the webpage. I change this almost weekly. But here it is:


If you are writing me and you wonder why the replies are very short and the spelling is even worst. I am in France and the keyboard is locked on the French keyboard. The more modern the country the bigger the internet problems. So I am having a terrible time typing replies to people. I am writing this offline. To copy and paste I must open in WORD. It is the only way to access the A drive. So to publish the photos. I open the A drive in Word and then copy from the dialogue box.


Plans can cause headaches. I am trying very hard to not plan. I know that it is better to let the wind blow me around and not to think. Good things happen when I am not trying to make them happen. So I am going to pack my bag and be at the internet café when it opens at 9:00.


I am not sure what to look at, or a clear sign on why to stay. So I am leaving today for the south of France. My Cameroon friend told me that it was more expensive in the south. I think she does not know. It is probably more expensive in the tourist areas or the metropolitan areas. But in the farm cities. I do no believe she is correct. Plus it would be hard pressed to be more expensive. I will send my newsletter. Hang around the city until late. Catch a night train or bus? I am not sure. Sleep on the bus and save one nights fee for living in France. The Eurolines bus is cheaper between countries, but does not travel inside the country. At least it did not 2 years ago. I ask why? They said it would put the train out of business. It is half price of the train. I am tempted to go to Spain and take a train back across the border. Would save money I think.


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This week is on Babylon, Paris, and Dangerous Clothing.

Newsletter 123


There is gossip that say the French do not shower very good. Most gossip is very inaccurate. But probably has a little basis in fact. I am in a hotel with about 30 rooms. There is only one shower. It is always empty. There would never be enough hot water in the morning. There is enough hot water. The friend I stayed with did not take a shower in the 3 days I stayed there. I am getting suspect.

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