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2003-09-22 12:24:00

After Iraq it is nice to be in a place with no issue. All the Middle East has issue of anger and this is tiresome. I have put together in my head finally what is happening in Iraq. I was very curious because all of the borders of Iraq are wide open. Anyone Arab type person can enter easily. But in reality they totally discourage any Western type person like me. So why is the boder open? Why doe the USA take such a weak sounding stance on Iraq. ITS A TRAP FOLKS

Presently there are thousands or crazy people coming into the country on a Jihad or other crazy ideas. These people all go to the Tikrit area which is the main headquarter area for Sadaams people. The USA has allowed them to control the city. The mayor or head of the area is even an ex republican guard.

Now it is not big news. But every night all around Iraq there are about 30 raids. Where they arrest and capture crazies Jihad Fighter and other Sadaam people. So the border is open. In comes the crazy. They go talk to management, and they are capture. Because it sounds like the USA is losing the war, because they see some victories. They just keep coming in, and the USA has them on a battlefield.

WMD Weapons of Mass Destruction. That information will not be release in book form until just before the election. Time enough to make the Democrat running on this .. WE DID NOT FIND campaign look silly.