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2003-09-16 04:06:00

Hi Andy,

I know you are not doing internet much but we have a

suggestion. we just got home from funeral home in Bronson, Fred K brother in law.

Brad B chased us down and talked for a long time. he brought you up

imediately and asked if you still were in bagdad. We said how did he

know and he said because everyone was talking about it he called Scott

F. He asked if you were going to write a book about it. we said we did not

know. He went on to say that he and Scott and some of you old buddies from

high school think it would be so great if little home town boy put out a

book with all the interesting stuff about Iraq while it is a big thing and

in everyones mind. Your dad and I think it might be good if you found a

place in the south of France and got down to business and wrote a book just

about your trip to iraq and pictures etc. this might be the opportunity of a

lifetime for one little book. Your style of writing is very good in

spite of grammer and spelling. You almost could use blogg as a format or

whatever. we were just very surprised to hear someone say they wished you would do

it besides us and we have not told anyone.just one of our goofy ideas for

you to think about and you know we have ideas for all of youkids all of the

time and they are just suggestions.

love prayers mom dad

Hmm Maybe a ploy to get me to stay in France

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