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2003-09-12 22:48:00

Still walking around and observing the French. They are very nice to me, and I have yet to discover

the source of all the bad opinions expressed that they French are snobs. They so far are quite

friendly. Paris is a big city and of course this is an influence on the general friendliness of people.

But so far very good.

Walk down to the cemetery where they buried Jim Morrison of the Doors today. This place is a park

with dead people. The park is very beautiful and the trees in France remind me of Indiana. There

was a map of sorts of all the dead people at the entrance. I found Jim at number 30 and tried to go

look for him. Proceeded to take a walking tour of the cemetery. I gave up on the quest very easily

and decided I really did not care to see the grave of a rock singer. The group “The Doors” is one of

my favorites, but in reality he is just another singer that died young and got the assistance of

sympathy to help his dead career. He was an icon of rebellion in my opinion.

What is more curious then his grave is the “WHY?”

Why would an American rock singer come to France to live. I think he overdosed on drugs, and

died of heart failure. Buried in France and made a tourist attraction. There seems to be a bohemia,

lets get drunk and congregate in places around the world attitude for culture. I will say that the food

culture of France is extraordinary so far. Every corner has some form or variant on food or drink.

The architecture is great, and I think when I get to the older parts of the city it will only become

better. But the bookstores are in short supply. I will say though the advertisements they put up for

the plays, concerts have a Money, Pastel, and let draw with crayon wonder about them and are very


I found one special building. Made of limestone or coral type stratified rocks and the windows are

boarded shut. I will keep exploring it to see if I can crack the history around this building. This is

just a vacant building I notices. Most of the building are 6-7 stories and this one is 2 stories in a

world of tall buildings. Out of place and out of time.

Television would make an French person annoyed at the USA. If they spoke in English I would

think is was from the USA. Many shows or sitcoms from the USA. Raymond one of my parents

favorites. Music videos, game shows and soap opera.

I will try to learn the attractions for Jim Morrison to live in France. At first it could be intellectual,

but I am going to blame it on women.

Oh yea. I can drink the water from the tap. That is always a good sign.

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