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2003-09-13 22:58:00

I am just about finished reading a book on Albert Einstein that I started in Iraq. It is a country that

hates Jews. What I have learned of recent is that a Genius moved the USA to die. A rock singer

moved to France to die. That reading and talking about Jewish people in a good way in Iraq could

help me die. 800 pages of small type and lots of history and stories of Genius. I bet it would have

made the Germans pissed if the USA would have dropped a Jewish invented bomb concept on their

heads, and not the Japan. Note that I am a WASP. White Anglo Saxon Protestant and in support of

Genius in any form.

A funny. There is a lot of “Deeghagh’ or chicken in Iraq. They broil it in gas oven that you can view

in the sidewalks and choose your chicken. The French have what looks like the exact same chicken

rotisserie. What do you think?


I am staying in a very modern apartment in France. It is very difficult to compare or learn about the

homes and apartments of the world. That requires a person live or enter a lot of homes. How does

one get an invitation into the normal common persons home? It would take years for me to research

the homes of France to see how they compare to the home of the USA.

I have been in very luxurious homes in Acapulco, Peru, and Switzerland. In the poor countries like

Mexico and Peru they probably live the best. They are surrounded by servants that take care of the

garden, the kitchen and very possible need. When I was Switzerland and I visited my friend I stayed

in a complete home. There did not seem to be anything missing. It was a little strange that there was

a extra heating unit in the bathroom, but for the most part it was in my idea complete.

So what do I mean complete? I was in … oops.

My friend as me what I was writing and proceeded to get angry that I would compare. Then starts to

list all the exceptions to any point I was making. This is always a problem. There is always the

exception. Even though I have said it would take years to learn about the homes and tried to be

honest and qualify my comments people take exception and get angry.

This is the trouble with observing humans. They are constantly angry and insecure about how they

live. Everyone in the whole world feels inadequate.

I feel bad sometimes about my grammar and spelling. But I do not stop or try to hide it. In fact I just

keep on writing and hope you leave or shut up, or learn to deal with the fact that I am not capable of

writing perfect. A person does not have to perfect at a job to want to do that job, and in normal

situations the most enjoyable endeavors are those where we learn constantly. I am sure many of you

now say, hmmm… When will Andy learn to write? When will you learn to accept people for who

they are?

But there are missing pieces in this apartment. The water overflow in the bathroom sink is missing.

There is not dryer to accompany the wash machine. There is only one sink in the kitchen and this is

common when there is a dishwasher. There is not drainer system for the dishes to air dry. It is

against the rules to hang your clothes on the balcony, so I am wondering how to dry my clothes.

There is no oven or microwave. The lights in the hall stop or do not turn on enough. I get on the

elevator and the lights goes off. I am in a dark elevator. I will stop on the building.

This sounds like complaining, but I am living in one of the best places I have lived in 7 years of

travel. Much much better then most Hotels, even if they are 5 star. A swimming pool does not

counteract the need for fitted sheets. This places does have fitted sheets. Which makes it very

modern to me. I would consider fitted sheets the requirement for a country to be the first world.

I will stop before someone sends me hate mail.


I do not drink milk in other countries. So far in my travels I would only drink or trust milk in France

and Switzerland. But mainly only when I buy it in stores. All the other countries I have visited the

idea of drinking milk scares me, but in France it does not. I did not drink milk in Switzerland, but I

believe I could have and would have.

Water is necessary, but milk is optional. A can of soda is much safer then a box of milk. Most

countries do not keep the milk cold until you drink it and may leave it on the shelf until it is sold,

and would refuse to discard any old milk. Just proceed to sell until it is all gone. None of this

expiration date stuff.

But France is very modern in the stores and this is good. I have only been to 50 of the 270 plus

countries so there is still a long time until I can make a real generalization that has veracity. Always

and always just opinions and observations.


I am told that I need to go look at France. I am suppose to get on the subway and see the attractions.

I said, “I am in France, everything I look at is French.”

I am lost to understand why people want me to look at only the special parts of a country. It is the

normal life that is the most beautiful.

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