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2003-09-14 09:01:00

It was my third day in Paris. I decide I needed to get brave and try to use the subway or Metro as they call it here. The Metro is a maze of lines. It appears to be everywhere in this city and should be very easy to travel in Paris. There is also a maze of bus routes. The big problem is that it is all in French. I have found the people very helpful, but they do not speak English. But they will go to great lengths explaining to me in French the hows and whys.

It would be easy to learn French here. Some countries it is impossible to learn their local language because everyone wants to speak English. But this is refreshing and an inspiration to think how easy I could pick up a third language. I studied French for one year in University and speak Spanish which is in many ways very close.


1. Go to the metro office and get a map of the routes a day before you want to use the Metro.

2. Start early.

3. Bring a friend. It would be better to be frustrated together.

4. When you have problems. Ask pretty women for directions.

The one today said,

"Come with me."

Unfortunately she ment

"Follow me."

She showed me the way.

My grasp of bad English spoils my fun. I can understand their intention and do not understand literally. Rats.

5. Young people will speak more and better English then older.

But the older will be nice.

6. Stand around and look stupid. It attracts people that like to save people.

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