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2003-09-12 03:23:00

I ventured out of the apartment complex this morning in search of money, bread, and a French


All of the building is approximately 6-8 stories in this area of Paris with a few having my

stereotypical view of France the Second Empire type Architecture that according to my

interpretation and understanding was result of avoidance of taxation. The way I understand around

the time of Napoleon they taxed the building according to the height so what resulted was the

eruption of a new architectural style with a flat roof and a very steep frontal facial roof with

windows protruding. I will show you a photo soon. The sun is no shining today and overcast.

My sense of French architecture always includes a small balcony on a front of an apartment with a

wrought iron rail. This so far is a world of small balconies on 7 story buildings.

I found the money at a bank machine. I found the bread and some form of fruit, vegetable, and

assortments of meats, and shop every 50 meters. So the food appears to be the least of my worries.

The money may still remain a problem. I walked for about 20-30 block of city and was not able to

find a bookstore. I found an office supply store and lots of coffee shops.

The grave to Jim Morrison of the music group “The Doors” is in the neighborhood. I am in the 20th

District or Arrondissment.

I have lots of experience with big cities and have learned how to explore on foot a city. I choose a

direction and walk straight, then return straight back. I do this until the building and landmarks

become familiar. I took a long walk and upon returning I had another problem. There is an

electronic security system on the building. That was OK. The special key at the lower entrance was

a breeze. The elevator was more or less OK. I thought I was on the 2nd floor, but soon found out the

1st floor. I recognized the configuration of the area off the elevator. So I left the elevator, the door

closed and darkness. There was no light whatsoever and I proceeded to search for a light switch and

avoid the doors hopefully. Thinking the neighbors from the looks of the building was a little or

maybe a lot on the paranoid level from the security associated with these apartments. I soon

discovered the time-activated switch that automatically turns off very few minutes. The set of key

though gave no number or indication of the apartment. There was no number or anyway to

guarantee I was going to put the key in the correct door except my very good sense of direction.

Well… 10 minutes later and multiple permutations and combinations I entered the apartment.

The level of security and a warning by a Turkey businessman to watch my neck money pouch here

in Paris has me checking my methodology of robbery avoidance. The people in this district appear

very honest. A small and very friendly old woman helped me as we talked with hand signals about

the vandalism of an ATM machine and the locations of others. So she was great. It is a big city and

big city society is normal worldwide. All of the French people have been very nice so far, and I

believe a lot of the complaints people have about the French would be centered around the tourist

areas. I am in a normal neighborhood, and not in an overburdened tourist area that tends to turn a

normal person into a maniac.

The Eiffel Tower is close enough to photo. I hope to learn why Jim Morrison born in Florida was

buried in France and I now believe the grave is a tourist attraction.

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