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2003-09-10 04:54:00

The Iraq adventure is ending and what am I to do?

I have about 400 more photos to show you about Iraq, but my Hobo world is changing.

I suppose the best thing to do is continue and see where the path leads. I am trying to learn a good way to start and end a country so the person do not have to read all this noise and can focus on their specific interest. Oh well, I guess in the end this is exactly what it says. A log.

I leave for Paris at 6:00 pm tommorrow and arrive at 8:30 pm. I do not like to arrive anywhere at night, but I have little choice. I am happy to say goodbye for now to the Middle East and Turkey. I have learned that if you feel that you have turned on the television to the wrong channel or you need to have a change. Get up and change the station.

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